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Indulge yourself in Jamaican Passion

I am writing this not to be obscene, but to say a fact. First, to the guys who made fun of me for drinking too much of Breezer: Breezer is not a girls' drink.
Before we start anything: I am so against drink and drive. Everybody should drive responsibly. If it isn't for your life, at least for somebody else's life, don't drink and drive. I do accept that feeling of doing 90 mph in a freeway after drinking is thrilling; but it may not be worth it. That is one of the many reasons why I drink Breezer all the time. I won't have the drowsiness after drinking Breezer so that I could drive clearly, easily, safely while enjoying the thrill.(It is how I feel. It is always safe not to drive even with a little alcohol in your body) And it is tasty and flavored. What else can one ask for?
#It is not just the taste and flavor. If someone hands over cranberry juice or passion fruit juice, I may not drink much, but I love drinking the Breezer of those flavors because of …. /*I don't know the reason*/. It could possibly because of the Rum, but I don't feel right for classifying it as RTD alcoholic beverages. It has got very low alcoholic content.

I was once fan of Cranberry and Blackberry flavors. They are tasty and I have tasted them before in juices, cocktails and desserts. So I do not remember when I first tasted those flavors of Breezer. But I can clearly remember the first time I had Jamaican Passion. It was for first time I was tasting a passion fruit flavor. Before that I 've never heard about such a fruit. And it was the special Jamaican variety with very little alcohol and the combination was so good to resist. So I took four bottles in a stretch. It was very tasty and it made me to enjoy my favorite Bob Marley's “No Woman No Cry” more than ever. I always have this strange feeling that this Jamaican Passion has some deep connection with reggae. Mostly while I drive, I like to listen to Hip-Hop, but with Jamaican Passion inside me, I switch to reggae and I enjoy it more than ever. Don't ask me why the who what because I have got no clue about it. Some kind of attraction has grown on the exotic and unique aroma and flavor of Passion fruit for me. And the main reason for it is Breezers. I take Passion fruit now in almost all the desserts, but Breezers with Jamaican Passion is the ultimate.


#I have only one issue with Breezers: it is not available in Tamil Nadu. But whenever I come to Bengaluru, I … (U did not hear anything from me now.)

Hey do you know what I am doing while I jot this down? Sipping Barcadi Breezer and listening to Dreadlock Rasta's “Could you be loved.”

And here is the one more thing: Wanna have some good time. Sip some bottles of breezers and play this game :

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The Secret behind our son's immunity

I was at my uncle’s. I was paying him a usual visit and I was so happy to see Anamika there. She is my uncle’s daughter. We were close friends in our childhood. She was 10 years younger than me and she was like my own sister to me. Now we rarely meet each other. She is married and has an 8 year old smart boy Gokul who likes me very much. I was so happy to see them all. But my happiness didn't last as I learned that Gokul is ill. Anamika complained that he falls ill frequently and it worries her so much. I can understand her because I have watched Sasikala when Ilakkuvan caught cold once. Oh! I forgot to tell about them. Sasikala is my sweet wife and Ilakkuvan is our smart boy who just turned 12.
We weren't able to take our minds of Gokul who is ill and when I inquired Anamika, she said she is helpless. She has tried with various physicians and they were able to remove the symptoms of his illness and he would fall ill again in couple of months. She is no illiterate; In-fact she is a technocrat and she has a masters in Information Technology, but she couldn’t figure out a solution for her son’s health issues. She said in a desperate tone, “I tried almost everything in the market. Comp**n, Horl***s, and other stuff that is advertised as healthy. They did no good except to make him fat. Even the prescriptions from the physicians were able to cure illness temporarily, but he gets illness frequently.” She paused for a moment and continued, “Frequent illness could even affect his physical and mental growth.”
Even I have noticed that he catches fever and cold frequently. He even looks a bit short for 8 year boy. I tried to convince her that there is a very simple solution. She wasn’t convinced; nevertheless I had a real simple solution.

My son Ilakkuvan is a healthy boy and he doesn’t catch cold and fever nowadays. Anamika knows it too. He has a healthy mind and body and there is a simple secret behind it which was passed on to Sasikala from my mom. I said Anamika that I can disclose the simple secret behind Ilakkuvan’s strong immunity. Anamika replied, “Nah! He is just a healthy boy. That is it and there is no secret” with a clear disinterest in her voice. I thought of playing with her a little just like the plain old days.

I told her that it is very simple. I added "All you have to do is to follow the formula used by  Chyawan Maharishi to create this. Maharishi actually used this formula to counteract his old age and he succeeded in it. You may not believe it, but he successfully arrested his biological decaying, wasting and degenerative processes." She stopped me and said, "Stop playing and wasting my time. Am I the one whom you got this time for for your time pass!" She was little angry, so I thought not to make anymore scene. I continued,
"Ok Ok. Relax. It is the product that comes neatly packed from the same company which sells us Honey."

"We always buy honey from Dabur. So Is there any such products from Dabur?", she inquired me and now I can see a little bit of interest.

"Yup! It has ayurvedic ingredients with anti-oxidants. It will help him to build the internal immune system, thereby protecting him from the infections such as cough, cold etc."

"Whatever. You know about Gokul. He wouldn't touch it if it doesn't have a taste or flavor."

"Oh c'mon. I know him. That's why I told you about it. It is available in his favorite Orange flavor. It comes in Mango flavor as well."

"What? Are you insane. Don't you have any senses?" she yelled at me.

I was confused a lot and said, "sorry. Never mind. I have to go."

She winked and said, "Haha, I yelled at you because you haven't told me about it so far. I got you this time bro."

I replied, "Very funny. Here is my revenge and I am not going to tell you that it is available in your favorite Mixed Fruit flavor."

That was before two years.
You all know the rest. Now Dabur Chyawanprash is the remedy for any ailments such as cold and cough for her family. Her husband who is little calorie conscious uses Sugar-free variant. Gokul is now healthy and he never misses a class due to illness. One more thing. During the time of my conversation with Anamika when I told her about it, I forgot to mention the name of the product. She called me later and yelled at me for this. Why are the sisters and cousins always yelling :/

Do you have any more questions about this awesome gift of Chyawan Maharishi? Go to

Dabur Chyawanprash

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We Discovered the Love that existed always between us

Love – My thought on it has changed drastically over time. When I was a child, it was something that happens only in fairy tales. If you had asked me to say an interesting love story I would’ve told you about a princess who fell in love with a prince who transformed from a frog because she kissed it. (Later I read some older versions of this tale in which the plot was completely different. The princess threw the frog at a wall out of disgust which resulted in its transformation.) Nevertheless, that will remain as an ideal love story for few more years of my life. That was until I realized love is phenomenon constrained not only to fairy tales, but can also exist in real world. I heard of gossips from my classmates about our school seniors in love with their classmates. It was less than ten years then since my entry to this world and I have not gained enough wisdom by then to realize the difference between a high school crush and love. So definition of love changed in my vocabulary from “a strange phenomenon occurring in fairy tales” to “some kind of task that we have to accomplish when we are in high school.” Not very late, I heard that our English teacher and our school bus driver ran away in love. I wondered why they are doing it and just left the subject of love because I found it too much complicated. When I came to high school I have realized that love could happen to anyone. But I was too busy to make it happen for me. My vocabulary got updated and it read for love as “waste of time” and spending time usefully means video games, football and cycling to me. In no time I was in college and I am old enough to differentiate between a crush and love. As a matter of fact, nobody is saved from a high school crush, but I was. It was compromised as I had my first crush in my college. She was smart and beautiful and I need not trouble myself to mention her name, inasmuch as it can be of no consequence to the reader. But I should mention that the crush lasted only for 45 days. When I asked her out, she said she was engaged. (wtf!?) Her engagement happened one month prior to the commencement of classes in college. Is this some kind of reservation? I was so disappointed. She was engaged toher cross cousin and this practice is not so uncommon in Tamil Nadu. Anyway she was good enough to accept me asking her out and her boyfriend fiancée accompanied us. That doesn't sound good, so let me put it this way. I was invited to join her and fiancée in their dinner and I accepted the invitation. Now we are all good friends and they visit me whenever they come to Coimbatore.
#I continued my search for a girlfriend more actively than before. All I want was someone who is smart, beautiful and she should be willing to marry me :) . I have dated a couple of girls, but nothing worked out. I found that most of them are not my type or sometimes they find me boring, with latter happening more frequently. Let’s face the fact: It is very difficult to find a girl who is much alike the one we have created in our mind and even if we find someone, the chances are very slim that we are like the ones in their mind. Times flew by and I got out of college. I stopped my search and started living: sometimes alone and most of the times with Eminem's songs. Though I stopped my search I was still hoping that someone will stop their search by seeing me so that I can discover my love with them. That didn't happen too. My parents took the task in their hand and I got married to Viditi on a fine day with only a week for my 28th birthday.
#She is good looking and her parents are friendly too. Soon we moved to a nice villa a little outside the city. I wish I could say “We lived happily ever after” now, but you have to wait for that moment. A lot of things happened in my life before we arrived at such a point in our life. Everything was going smooth, but a little bit formal as well. We didn't have that closeness and openness between us. Viditi has completed B. Tech I.T., and was working in T.C.S., and I was busy with my business. We didn't spend much time with each other. Sometimes I felt that she is so dumb for a technocrat. She thought that I was such a Bigot.” Small fights over very silly things were common, but we always had it under control. It was nine months since our marriage and one such fight happened between us and the fight was over a silly thing which I refrain myself from mentioning because it doesn't make sense at all. That fight completely oven and on that day Viditi’s uncle came by with his family to visit us. He has a son who was in high school then and he had a doubt in solving a problem in Physics. Usually he goes to his father for his doubts, but this time he went to Viditi and asked her whether she knows to solve it. She started helping him with an unwanted comment: “I got 200/200 marks in my physics in higher secondary board exams. It is easy.” I was silently watching the happenings. She solved the problem somehow using the steps followed in previous problem and the final answer was a temperature difference that has to be presented in kelvin. She solved the problem with Celsius as the unit and she arrived at 40 degree Celsius as temperature difference in the final step of problem:
ΔT = 100̊ C - 60̊ C = 40̊ C
ΔT = 40̊ C = (40 + 273) K = 313 K.

I was about to tell her that it is wrong, but before that the boy told her that it is not matching with the solution given by his teacher. He got 40 K as answer. Viditi tried to convince him that she did it right and her teacher gave him the value in Celsius, but wrongly mentioned as kelvin. “Are you sure?” he asked unconvinced by her reasoning. “Of course I am sure! I know this problem like back of my hand” retorted Viditi. I burst out laughter and tried to control it, but I couldn’t. I was joined by her uncle who is also a professor in dept. of Mechanical Engineering at NIT.
#He laughed and commented, “It is common for humans to do a mistake, but our female counterparts will never accept the mistakes that they do.” I added, “They don’t stop there. They even try to blame us for their mistakes.” She got very angry, ran into her room and shut the door behind her. I know I trolled her, but I didn’t meant to hurt her with that. I felt sorry and apologized to her. She locked the door inside and she didn’t even come out of room for supper. I was feeling so bad and asked her sorry several times, but she didn’t respond. I tried to sound as polite and sorry as it is possible to, but she reacted rudely. At that time I too got angry and shouted at her. Couple of such instances happened between us. One day her mother told us to have children and not to postpone it any further for which she retorted sarcastically, “Yeah sure! That is the only thing we need in this situation now.” Her parents found that something is wrong and left home sadly. Actually it was me who suggested to postpone having baby initially, but now she is doing it. I felt so angry at her for this behavior, but I can understand that I do have did my mistakes that made her to speak so. If someone looks at us from outside, they will definitely think that we are the worst family ever. But that will be worst judgment ever. Though we are not so attached and fighting each other, we love each other. Love has grown between us and no one would’ve got a clue about it; even we didn’t. My dad called me and from what he spoke, I understood that he heard of what happened from her parents and uncle. My dad came by and scolded me for being such a jerk. I felt sorry for being a jerk more than ever. He suggested to gift her something valuable for our anniversary. We don’t gift each other much, so I decided to gift her with something very valuable this time. So I chose the precious white metal that lasts forever. It is not just the expression, it can last literally forever. It does not tarnish or wear away with time.It is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust and it exhibits a remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and as such is considered a noble metal. Yes! I bought us Platinum Love Bands. I don’t know to gift in a way as shown in films or advertisements. So while dinner, while we were chewing our food, I took the small box from my pocket, handed it over to her and said, “Happy Anniversary.” She smiled and hugged me. She put a ring on my finger and I put one on hers. We continued our dinner happily. I told her that I have to leave for Bilaspur in a couple of days for business and it may take a month for me to return. I can clearly see the sadness covering her face as I mentioned that. I so badly wanted to say her, “Viditi, I love you so much. I always did, but I didn’t knew it all along. I am sorry for the all the troubles that I might have caused you knowingly and unknowingly. I am going to miss you so much. I have no idea how I am going to stay away from you for a month.” But I didn’t say a word. She might read my mind already. I can see her eyes saying the same thing to me. What was a month felt like forever. I missed her more than I thought I would. We spoke to each other over the phone for several hours for first time. Somehow it was about to be over. I had to meet a client in Raipur on the last day to sign a document. Just one sign and then I can directly fly to Coimbatore to meet my sweet heart. I was thinking on what gift I should buy for her this time. About 50 miles down Bilaspur, the driver stopped the car and tried to shake me up from dreaming. I heard gunshots around me to which I woke up wondering who is playing IGI in my car. I was shocked to see some extremists with guns blocking the road. The stopped me, two other cars and a passenger van and took all of us as hostages. This extremist (or terrorist) group, which for many reasons it will be prudent to refrain from mentioning, took us hostages deep inside the jungle. Although I am not disposed to maintain that the being taken hostages by those people is in itself the most pleasant and enviable experience one can have, I do mean to say that in that particular instance, they provided the best hospitality one can expect. Yes, they didn’t torture and kill us. They even provided us decent food! On 8th day of being taken hostage, they released us after certain negotiations with the government. CRPF was there to pick us up in their Heavy duty military trucks manufactured in Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. The bumpy ride back made me to throw up twice and when the truck reached Raipur, I was as good as dead. There were many items of mortality crying in happiness after seeing their loved ones returned safely. But there stood this item of mortality who became immortal in my heart; her eyes were searching for her love and she found him; she ran towards me with the legs that weakened due to lack of proper food for a week or maybe even longer (It is not supposed to mean she didn’t have food to eat; but her brain which was clouded by sadness and fear of losing its loved one, failed to get the signal of hunger from stomach.) She came near me and stood still. Her eyes became red and wet mixed with anger and love. She was so angry at me for leaving her alone in home for more than a month and it made her eyes red. When she realized that I will never leave her hereafter, it became wet. The tears started to look down our cheeks. We kissed each other. We took each other’s hand in hand. Our rings shone in brightness. We lived happily ever after. 

Romeo and Juliet kissing in a painting by Sir Frank Dicksee.

That day is best day of my life and I call it Platinum Day of Our Love

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Travelling? Feeling insecure in public? Here are few tips for your safety.

Travelling? Feeling insecure in public? Here are few tips for your safety.
Before I jot some points, I would like to mention that I went through some of the posts submitted for the “Tips for your Smart Suraksha” contest. They are real useful tips and I hope that these tips will safeguard woman from the dangers. I have to mention this: Manjulika suggests running to kitchen if someone breaks into our house. That is really a useful tip as we will be ones who know what will be found where. We can go for Pepper powder or we can start pelting the dishes at them and if situation demands, we can try our luck with the knives in kitchen. But if instead someone runs into reading room or bedroom, I don’t think they have much option.
The tips that I am about to say will be definitely helpful in my city. India being a country with rich diversity, the situations of dangers presented may also differ between each cities. It is funny, but unfortunately true. So some tips may not be of much help in some cities. But I will try to mention the tips that will definitely be helpful in cities of Coimbatore and Cochin. Yes, I know these cities like back of my hand. B| J

  • ·         Before you board a cab / auto rickshaw, check the route in Google maps or any similar services. You may get an overall idea of the distance that you are about to travel and the approximate time that it takes. Once you have located the route, ask the driver, “how long will it take to reach <destination> if we go via <en route>.” This makes the driver to feel like you are no newbie to the city. Sometimes drivers may take a route that is longer to get more fare. Believe me on this, it happens in more numbers than you know. The long route that they take might be through a deserted lane and that may raise some unwanted thoughts in mind of the driver though that wasn’t his original intention. Some of you may say that if we ask drivers such a question, they get a clue that we don’t know about the route properly. I know about these people. If they see an outsider, they assume that they do not know anything about the city. If we say something about the route, they will drop that thought.
  • ·         If you are not quite comfortable asking such question, look for an alternative route, ask him, “what route shall we take, <route 1> or <route 2>?” Sound confident while asking it. If you are in your home town, you may even say them, “please go by <route 1>, I prefer <route 1> to <route 2>.” This will let them know that you are in your place and any wrong move by them could be disaster for them.

  • ·         Once the cab starts moving, look for a landmark outside like a bank or shopping mall and inform someone over phone that you are just crossing that place. Let that be loud so the driver  can be aware that you have told about your whereabouts to someone.
  • ·         Obviously you will have some emergency contacts. That may include your friends, family and police. But I would strongly suggest you to add few more: Ambulance and Call Taxis. Friends or family members may not be in a position always to reach us physically in times of need. Even police may take some time to reach, but Ambulance may find its way much faster. Our cities are filled with call taxis and there are at least two cabs waiting within a radius of 500 km almost in every part of the city. So if you have the phone number of taxi networks, they may reach there sooner than our friends. So in times of need, don’t hesitate to call ambulance or taxis.
  • ·         Sometimes situations might get so bad that you may not be in a position to take a call. In such situations, we need Smart Suraksha App which is capable of sending our message including our location to the pre-chosen contacts.
  • ·         Maintain a complete awareness of your surroundings. Do not become distracted by using your cell phone or listening to your ipod while walking.
  • ·         Try not to travel alone, especially at night.

  • ·         Remain confident, alert and in control. Avoid going out or walking home while intoxicated. Always trust your intuition and pay attention to warning signs, such as people watching you or quickly approaching.
  • ·         Avoid going out or walking home while intoxicated.

  • ·         Always carry a whistle or other device that can make loud noise. It can be used when you feel threatened. Noise attracts the attention of those nearby. Although yelling provides the most comprehensive method of attracting attention, people often lack the ability to verbalize in crisis situations. Anyone can blow a whistle. Pepper spray can also be an effective personal protection device if used appropriately. Although the effects are not long lasting, they are devastating.

  • ·         Maintain eye contact with those who may attempt to confront you and do not let yourself get distracted. Maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from strangers. Do not be afraid to tell someone to get out of your personal space. If necessary, yell to attract the attention of those nearby. Use direct commands, such as “Get back!” or “Let me go!”

  • ·         If someone demands your property, give it to him or her. Do not resist. Maintaining your personal safety is more important than your backpack or cell phone. Throw your property in one direction and run away in the opposite direction, to a safe place. While running, attract attention by yelling. If your assailant targets you instead of your property, remain calm and breathe. Think of your planned response, defend yourself and escape!

  • ·         Enroll in Public Safety’s self-defense programs that are conducted by various universities and other organizations. They provide training on how to tackle various situations. One may get a hands on approach with these kind of programs.


Well. That’s all that comes to my mind. Initially I thought, these tips may not be helpful in other cities, but now I hope no matter where you are, you will find these tips useful.

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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Rediscovering the Love that Lasts forever

Platinum Day of Love

There is a day in my life too that I want to call as Platinum Day of Our Love. It was not a day that brought immortal love between is; but it was the day when we realized that it always existed between us.

My story is very simple. We were classmates during our school and I had a small crush on her. #Constance. It was her name and she is steadfast as her name suggests. We had dated a couple of times, but we went apart and didn't meet like for 6 years. I stayed in a different city and had no chance of meeting her during those years. I have actually had a couple of other crushes meanwhile. When life was going in such a fashion, the things happened with such a coincidence, that we met each other in an awkward position. I was dating a girl named Deepika and when I was enjoying a coffee with Deepika, her friend Jeyaraman came barging in to speak to her. It seemed like they saw each other in a long while. I was sitting there and cursing him for interrupting my date. He was dating someone he called his date to introduce to Deepika and I was shocked to see her. She is none other than Constance. If you thought that I fell in love with her, you have probable watched too much Bollywood movies. I was actually afraid that she might leave some clue to Deepika that we were dating each other in school. I was making some good progress with Deepika and I didn't want her to screw it. But her expression was very much similar to mine and she might have felt the same way I did. We exchanged our contacts and said bye. My date went good that day and I had no clue what life had in store for us


Days passed and Deepika left for Sweden as a part of her career. I and Constance become good friends again. A year passed and I had no clue how I did it, but I asked Constance out! Our first date didn't go out well, and maybe that is why they say to never date friends. Regardless we starting dating frequently. In our fourth date, it may sound crazy, but in our fourth date (dates during school doesn't count) I asked her to marry to me! She didn't expect that and she remained silent and she was in deep thinking. Every single beat of my heart was like some Apocalypse. My mind was restless. I asked her the question again, "Will you marry me?" Her answer was negative, but anyway my mind came back to rest. I am sure you know how my day was. I was lying in my bed restless when I got a sms from her and it read: "Ask my parents"
That message had just 14 characters nothing else but it was the most meaningful thing someone has ever said to me. Oh my God! I was in heaven. She said yes! (Don't ask me when. If you didn't get what that sms meant, you are the dumbest person in this universe and any other universe known and unknown.)

Trust me on this: Indian girls are very smart and they know what they want. But when it comes to marriage, they don't know/want to trust their mind. They rely on their parents completely for this. Well, most of them.
There is one more thing that lies in between the love marriages in India, more specifically in Tamil Nadu. It is not the class, but caste. Luckily for me, she is a distant relative for us and everything went very good. 
We lived happily. We were happy newlyweds. But when time passed by something went missing. It wasn't just happening. A year passed and we had actually started fighting and fussing over silly things. In another year we were joined by our dear Max in our family. We both loved our son very much, but the love between us seems faded out. We both wanted to refresh it, but we didn't know how. When Max started going to school, Constance started working and life started going too fast. We can't complain about it. We shared everything in our life. Sometimes I prepare breakfast and do dishes, she helped me in my business when I had work load. I and Constance were happy couples, but we wanted more. We wanted that great love, that great feeling, care, friendship that we had for each other. In such a time, I had to go to Frankfurt for a project and the trip lasted for about 45 days. I stayed in a very good hotel well known for their hospitality, but in couple of days I started hating the hotel. Nothing was wrong with them; actually I was missing my home, my Constance. I missed her more than anybody could have ever missed someone. My thoughts were filled with her. My mind was fully occupied by her memories. Our whole married life kept flashing in front of my eyes. Every sweet moments, moments of love, the games we played, the places we visited, little fights on who do the dishes, the arguments over choosing school for our son, all the fighting and fussing. I missed her more than anything. I realized that I loved her more than anything. The love was always there between us. But sometimes we lacked expressing it. In fact our love for each other grew every day and it will grow forever and last forever. We always loved each other. It was always within ourselves, but we searched everywhere else. I wanted so badly to look into her eyes and say, "I LOVE YOU" a thousand times. Will thousand times be enough? No, it won't be. Maybe a million times might do or maybe not. What actually was 7 weeks felt like 7 life. Somehow I was back in the country and I was walking lifeless in Coimbatore airport in search of my life. "Oh there she is. We looked at each other into eyes. The whole airport was so busy and the people were moving here and there and it was filled with their sounds and the sounds of announcements. We remained silent. I looked into her eyes. She is the woman who in front of our friends and relatives got my hands with her soft hands meaning that we are all we got for each other; the woman who stayed nearby me when I was ill and suffered more than me and cured me; the woman who proved to me that mother and wife are same when it comes to caring. We still remained silent looking into each others eyes. Tears rolled down our cheeks.
#   #

Well that is it about our Platinum Day of Love. And we celebrated it with platinum. Yeah! I brought her a platinum pendant. But why Platinum? It is the precious white metal that lasts forever. It is not the expression, literally forever. It does not tarnish or wear away with time. It is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust and has an average abundance of only ~ 5 μg/kg. It is the least reactive metal. It exhibits a remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and as such is considered a noble metal. So what else can decorate such a Platinum Day of Love other than Platinum?

Thanks to Platinum Day of Love and for giving a wonderful oppurtunity to express about our Platinum Day of Love.

And hey, I forgot to mention about it: Jeyaraman and Deepika are married! 

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I wish we had Smart Suraksha.

I wish we had Smart Suraksha.

Smart Surksha
Smart Surksha

I wish we had Smart Suraksha. I am not girl first of all. I am mentioning this now because many believe that this app is only for Girls. Well, I refuse to agree to that. It is definitely a must have app for women, but guys too can make use of it. Actually I was discussing about this app with my friend Karthik. He said that some basic model Samsung phones have a similar inbuilt feature which allows users to send messages at the time of emergency. He didn’t knew what are all included in Smart Suraksha. Maybe he might’ve missed the word smart in its name. I asked him, “Do you what else Smart Suraksha can do?” Obviously he didn’t have an answer as it was the first time he was hearing about this app. Well I explained about it to him.  “The Smart Suraksha App is an Android Application that aims at making the women feel safe. This App, at the press of a single button, sends your message of help to five pre-chosen contacts from your contact list. An additional feature of this app is that along with your message for help, it also sends across your location even if the GPS on your cellphone is switched off. Thus, the women can be reassured that there is help available at all times. It can be installed on devices running on android versions 2.2 and above.” He was quite moved and installed it in his phone to check it. He understood its importance and I am pretty sure that he will install it in his mom’s and sister’s phone. No one can predict when one will need it. His sister Saranya who just came there asked about this app because we actually started arguing loudly about upto what extent can this be helpful. She is clever girl and asked us to cut it. She simply finished it by saying, “we have Police in our country, but crime still happens. This could never mean that police are useless. Can you imagine how the situations will be if there is no police and law? Police is controlling and preventing many bad things from happening. Police and law are here for good. Off course there are some exceptions.” Karthik interrupted her and asked, “What are you trying to say?” Saranya continued, “Smart Suraksha is here for good. Tell about it to all your friends. You will never know when this can become handy. It is unlike knife or whistle or pepper spray. You don’t have to carry anything extra because you phone stays in hand almost always.” She returned my credit card that she borrowed that morning and then she left for her home. Time was 09:30 pm and she was going alone. I don’t bother escorting her to home, but she is kind of bold girl who likes adventures. So definitely she won’t like someone dropping her in home like a child. Well, now she has Smart Suraksha and if she needs any help, she can send message to us including her location at click of a button. I feel much more confident and comfortable letting her go out now.

And one more thing I feel I have to mention now: Right now this app is available only for android platform. It will be great if it is made available on iOS, Windows and BB.

I and Karthik continued about how this could come handy to men. Well it is so obvious that men are also victims many times. Men could become victims of some attacks by foes, accidents, riots and so. I wish such situations never occur to anyone, but hey it happens. We do see many such incidents on TV, newspaper and even in roads. Suddenly I remembered a very sad incident. Our place is in suburbs of the city. It was about our neighbor. His workshop was situated in a nearby village and the roads will be deserted after 10’ O Clock in night. On such a time, while he was returning from workshop he met with an accident. It was hit and run case and he was badly injured since he was riding bike without helmet. He suffered blow in his head. Left with no one to help, with his fading consciousness, he called his wife. He was newly married couple of months before. His wife couldn’t understand his situation and she was so confused. She couldn’t understand a word he said since he was stammering a lot. Alarmed by this she informed to his brother and asked him to check. Unfortunately that neighbor happened to be a heavy drunkard and so his brother thought he might be drunk. Regardless he went to workshop to check, but couldn’t find him.
When they called him back, the phone was answered. They assumed that he might have drunk and slept in his friend’s. So unfortunate, worst thing happened. He died due to heavy injury in head and loss of blood. His brother has went in the same way, but he didn’t notice him as he along with his bike was thrown into nearby bush when it was hit by a truck (which was stealing sand from nearby river bank.) If he had this smart suraksha app, his life might have saved. We both agreed that it could be a lifesaver and concluded that it is a must have app for everyone. 

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I was asked to write about women's safety, but I guess I failed to stay relevant. When it comes to safety, we are all vulnerable, but women are more vulnerable. This app is a definite helper for them.
Smart Surksha

Everybody has a reason to pray.

Everybody has a reason to pray. It is a fact that is obvious to everyone. Today I sit down to write so happily because my prayer came true today. Even though everyone has a reason to pray, the reason is not always same for all. Sometimes they might just be opposite. I have witnessed many incidents that can make God to go completely berserk. One such thing happened in this June. Our village is in Coimbatore district and during those month, the whether remains completely unpredictable. The Ghats block and drain the clouds carried by southwest monsoon on the west face itself and Tamil Nadu usually gets little or no rain during the season. One family had harvested spicy chili pepper and they have left it under the sun for drying so that they could prepare chili powder and sell it. They want bright sun for the chili pepper to dry and if the rain comes, it is ruined. They are very small farmers and they don’t have some ware houses or godowns to store them and sell them later. Like I told whether is unpredictable and sometimes high clouds that passed the mountains may chill and pour down like shower in the form of rain. So expecting a shower, another family has ploughed their land and sowed the maize on dry land. They were so desperate because the northeast monsoon failed last year and left us with scarce fodder for cattle. If the shower comes and the plants sprout, then somehow they can survive with the little rainfall that may come later and soon cows will get some good food. So one family wants rain, but the other doesn’t. They went to the same temple and prayed to God. “Oh dear god, I can understand your situation dude.” In this condition God cannot answer both their prayers; it doesn’t sound like happening for nearby farmlands to have completely different climate. They knew it, but still they prayed. Why? There is always some hope and it is in God. We humans being simple creatures pray to God for what we want. God being Supreme, he might be able to give what we want, but instead he gives what we need. He knows what we need and he gives it to us anyway, but still we have a reason to pray. When we pray, we can feel something that is ineffable; something that is divine. And that divineness gives us reason to live. And back to that Incident, God actually gave us some rain that day; but please don’t think that the prayer failed the other family. They actually got a good deal and sold the red chillies to some food company who will have provision to save it from rain. So keep praying and your prayers are being answered. Sometimes you may feel like prayer is not being answered, but that thought is wrong. Let us consider the above incident. They prayed for “NO RAIN”, but God knew better; even that family benefits from rain: what they actually wanted was to make use of the chilly crops and it happened.

Prayer is not just a business that we do with God, but a thanks that we offer Him for everything. And we being in India, we have a culture and method of praying. It isn’t complex at all. Grab a Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack by Cycle Pure Agarbathies from Diwali is nearby and festivals are the times when God comes to us and God is with us. He is coming to our homes as a guest and it is our duty to make Him feel at Home. (Never mind the fact that the entire world is His.) Are you confused how to make Him feel at home. Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack by Cycle Pure Agarbathies has everything that you need it will create the ambience. So for this Diwali, FEEL IT.

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Am I missing something? Yes! The reason why I am so happy today is that the Monsoon has started in Tamil Nadu.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Creating Happy Travellers! : A Trip to Ghost town of Bannack, Montana.

Ever wondered what will happen if a well-planned, populated and developed city is without any humans? Well, that might be obviously a place to pay a visit at least once. It will be awkward to live there, but imagine about the wide roads with no cars, huge shopping malls with no people and so. I know, it feels a bit weird. It may even remind that anything can happen anytime, but if you can see, there is beauty in it. Don't say that I’ve become crazy, I am always like this. I am going to write now about the travel that I am planning to go very soon. And gives me a good reason to do so. 
I always wondered to go such places and I do go there in my dreams. In my real life I am badly wanting to visit a Ghost town with my friends. I have not been to many places, but if I plan for an international travel, I will seriously consider Bannack, Montana. It is the well maintained Ghost town that I’ve ever heard. Ōkuma, Fukushima would‘ve been my first preference if this town was open to visitors.
Bannack is a ghost town in Beaverhead CountyMontanaUnited States. This city was founded in 1862 and named after the local Bannock Indians. Many businessmen and miners flowed to this town then in hope for finding a good fortune. It was the site of a major gold discovery in 1862, and served as the capital of Montana Territory briefly in 1864, until the capital was moved to Virginia City. Bannack continued as a mining town, though with a dwindling population. When the mining was no longer providing enough livelihood, the last residents left the town in the 1970s.

 Extremely remote, it was connected to the rest of the world only by the Montana Trail. Getting there might not be an easy task, but it is manageable.
Abandoned buildings in the ghost town of Bannack, Montana, USA
Abandoned buildings in the ghost town of Bannack, Montana, USA

Though it was abandoned almost five decades before, sixty historic log and frame structures remain standing in Bannack, many quite well preserved; most can be explored. The site, now the Bannack Historic District, was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961. The town is presently the site of Bannack State Park and it is governed by The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. Though not particularly popular among tourists, this site remains a favourite for historians.
The Methodist Church in Bannack, Montana
Built in 1877, the Methodist Church was the first building in Bannack built exclusively for the purpose of worship.

If one wants to go and see what happened those days, the best time to visit will be to go during Bannack Days. Every year, during the third weekend of July, this abandoned town witnesses a historical reconstitution known as "Bannack Days". For two days, Bannack State Park officials organize an event which attempts to revive the times when Bannack was a boom town, re-enacting the day by day of the miners who lived there during the gold rush. An authentic, old-timey breakfast is served in the old Meade Hotel, a building of brick (well preserved.)

An abandoned homestead Bannack, the first Territorial Capital of Montana.
An abandoned homestead Bannack, the first Territorial Capital of Montana.

Well, it is an awesome place to visit, Isn't it? And I am cent percent sure that it will make all the travellers so happy. I want to take my Dad, my Mom, my brother and my alter ego on this travel. My dad and bro have so much interest in history. They are gonna love it. Infact it is my  alter ego who told me about this awesome place. My mom may not have much interest in history and these artefacts, but remember, it is in the Bannak State Park. Who in this world doesn't love Bannak State Park. 
This town is gaining interest from the many people around the world and there are many organizations and societies dedicated to preserving this piece of heritage. 

But very Recently on 17 July 2013, flood damaged almost 80% of the historic buildings and left the town with mud and debris. The town was closed for visitors due to restoration work for a short while and it was reopened on 9 September with new renovations while the old works are still preserved. 
Hey, do you plan to travel there? 
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